Disdrometrics develops and deploys dense rain gauge networks. These networks provide detailed information about precipitation at a high spatial resolution. The key product of Disdrometrics is a low cost acoustic disdrometer, which is being developed jointly with Delft University of Technology. The robustness, low maintenance and low costs and the remote data collection makes the Disdro an ideal rain gauge to use in areas where a lot of measurement points are desired to deal with the spatial variability of rainfall. Together with the customer this information is used to make the use and control of water in urban areas more efficient, and to provide early warnings. The ambition is to expand the portfolio of participatory sensing through addition of environmental parameters so Disdrometrics can build decision support systems for all kind of purposes.

Acoustic disdrometer
Over the past decades, meteorological observations have declined around the globe, even in well developed countries like those of the EU. An important reason is that maintenance of such networks has become too labor intensive. The acoustic rain gauges of Disdrometrics simply ‘listen’ to the rain, do not have any moving parts and are, therefore, very low maintenance. The Disdro gives information about the drop size distribution and the time of a rain event, from which the rain depth and rain intensity can be derived.