Starlab has positioned itself as added-value company in the use of Earth Observation data. Starlab provides high tech operational real time services for water management and monitoring. The concept of service information includes the integration of different data sources (satellite, in situ, models) in the applicability of new and improved algorithms and sensors. The target address includes institutional and industry markets: agriculture, hydropower, coastal environment, smart cities, etc. Starlab envisions WeSenseIt as an ideal platform where develop and implement current company capabilities and maximise commercial exploitation towards a wide range of potential clients and users.

Involvement and contribution
Starlab contributes to the project with their expertise on water services based on Earth Observation data as well as with an innovative and cheap in situ sensor to monitor soil moisture. Starlab is involved in trials where to demonstrate their services benefits toward users. Starlab has long management and technical experience on European Space Agency and European Commission projects. Starlab is currently involved in a number of GMES projects, being service provider in all of them. In addition, they have experience in setting up spin-offs for products with high potential market.

Exploitation and dissemination
Starlab will use the WeSenseIt platform to integrate their products and services to widely offer them into the user community. This kind of facility clearly offers the opportunity to boost international commercialization of real time information services. In addition, the WeSenseIt network offers the possibility of research collaborations with other partners for future commercial exploitation. The social dimension of the project will bring the opportunity to expand the company branding toward citizens and media with a clear impact on the products exploitation.

About Starlab
Starlab is a Spanish SME that converts science into technologies with a profound positive impact on society and the planet. Scientists, engineers and economists from different nationalities work together with a common goal: to provide our clients with breakthrough technologies and end-to-end solutions that create business opportunities. Starlab Research carries out interdisciplinary R&D focusing on two areas: Space and applied Neuroscience. The Starlab team (now more than 20 on staff) includes 5 nationalities spanning knowledge in physics, engineering, computer science, neuroscience and economics).

We target technology and applications: the development of new sensors and efficient algorithms to extract information from data, identification of platforms and deployment opportunities, as well as the development of services and products. Interdisciplinarity is a key aspect of our research. Space R&D develops on new technologies, including payloads, algorithms and mission feasibility studies. We have demonstrated experience in GNSS technologies (GPS/Galileo), radar altimetry and space astronomy. Earth Observation applications include technologies such as GNSS-R, SAR and multispectral analysis for environmental and energy applications. We provide high-tech solutions to clients in the Environment, Space, Energy and Health sectors, based on innovation in Space and Neuroscience R&D. Our solutions include new sensors (environment, space, health and safety), services, software and algorithms, as well as client-driven R&D consulting—both on technology and high-tech market intelligence.