WaterDetective Mobile App

Use the crowd to collect valuable data

WaterDetective is the crowdsourcing application of HydroNET. With the WaterDetective mobile app, you can collect valuable information (pictures, comments, feedback, ratings) from the crowd.

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HydroNET HydroVIEW
Water professionals can easily access the crowdsourcing information via the HydroNET HydroVIEW application which allows the user to combine the data submitted by the crowd with other data sources, like water levels, discharge or rainfall. After selecting a period, the map directly shows the locations for which crowdsourcing information is available. By clicking on the location a message box appears with all information. When selecting more locations, all photos are placed on a timeline that provides a nice overview of the course of an event.

WD HydroView - 2    WD HydroView - 3

The general public can use the WaterDetective WebViewer for easy access to the crowdsourcing information uploaded by the WaterDetective community.